I Am Joining the Blog

Noah and I met as freshman at boarding school and instantly hit it off. Our love for Boston sports led to a lifetime friendship. One littered with debates about how good Tuukka actually is, should the Celtics trade for a veteran superstar any much more. We have seen many of the biggest Boston sports moments in recent memory together. Malcom Butler goal line interception, we were there. Isaiah Thomas dropping 53 after his sister tragically passed, saw it. Patriots erasing two 14 point deficits to beat Baltimore, yup there too. I could go on but you get the point. 

Who I Am

When Noah started a blog, I knew I had to get onboard and contribute. My writing is not nearly as elegant as Noah’s. Noah was the kid I cheated off of to get through Ms. McSweeney’s sophomore English class. While Noah was busy paying attention and doing well, I was live-lining European Basketball games. I guess this is a good point to transition towards what I will be bringing to the table. I have been an avid sports gambler since I was 16 years old. I remember placing $5 bets on every Patriots game in high school and thinking I was the man. Because of my avid following of New England sports, and my vast knowledge of the sports gambling world, I like to think I am as close to a sharp as possible (I’m definitely not) when it comes to betting Boston. As every gambler knows it’s a game of swings. One day you are 5-1 and hit a 7-leg parlay, and the next you have managed to max out your credits. This opportunity to blog with SideHustle Sports feels like that day where you somehow backdoor cover every game you have action on. I am really looking forward to putting down my thoughts about Boston sports, Gambling, and honestly whatever else I am in the mood to talk about. I hope you all enjoy and would love to hear any and all feedback.

Oh ya, I wouldn’t be a true degenerate if I didn’t leave a play at the end of the blog so here it is.

Brad Marchand o2.5 SOG

Good luck to all my fellow degenerates and thank you Noah for giving me an opportunity to write about what I love! Lastly, follow me on ActionNetwork app for all my official, shitty, losing plays @jglashow.

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