Weekend Recap 3/27-3/29

A Weekend Review of All Things Boston

Patriots – Light weekend on Pats new as we turn our focus from free agency to the draft. The biggest news from the week was the release of longtime kicker Stephen Gostkowski. Gostkowski, the Patriots all-time leading scorer, had hip surgery early last season and was placed on injured reserve. The move clears cap space and allows Gostkowski to find another football home sooner rather than later in the offseason. Earlier in the week, the Pats signed special teamer and safety Cody Davis from the Jags. Davis should help to fill the void Nate Ebner left when he inked up with Joe Judge and the Giants.

Celtics – Not much to talk about on the Celtics front with no games to be played. Reports surfaced this week that if the NBA is able to return this year, one possibility would be to quarantine all players and personnel in one or two cities, such as Las Vegas or Omaha, and have all games be played at that neutral sight, presumably without fans.

Bruins – What a shame it would be if the NHL season really does get canceled this year. For the aging Bruins, this is one of their core’s last chances at that second cup they’ve been chasing for years, and they seemed to be poised to make a deep run. Here’s to hoping we get to see another cup run in Boston this summer.

Red Sox – Rob Manfred said in a press conference early last week that the investigation into the Red Sox sign-stealing accusations was finished, but that he had been too busy to come out with the report yet. Yeah, okay. This report was supposed to be released in February, I honestly have no idea what is taking so long. It would be a real shame if Manfred came down hard on the Sox simply because of the backlash he’s received for going lightly on the Astros. Regardless, once the report does come out, I’ll be fascinated to see if Alex Cora is suspended for multiple years. Once the Astros report was released, chatter around the league was that Cora was getting at least two years and could potentially receive a lifetime ban. In league news, the MLB and MLBPA released a statement regarding play next year saying that games will not resume until the following conditions are met:

  • There are no bans on mass gatherings that would limit the ability to play in front of fans. However, the commissioner could still consider the “use of appropriate substitute neutral sites where economically feasible”.
  • There are no travel restrictions throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Medical experts determine that there would be no health risks for players, staff or fans, with the commissioners and union still able to revisit the idea of playing in empty stadiums.

*Info via ESPN

Doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting baseball for at least a couple months, at the very least based on these conditions. I’m hoping the MLB and MLBPA will reconsider playing games without fans, as it may be the only way games can be played this summer. A summer without baseball just wouldn’t be the same.

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