NFL Win Total Picks

While many leagues are scrambling to figure out what the fuck to do this upcoming season, it appears as if the NFL will be open for business this upcoming September. The much-anticipated schedule release happened last night on ESPN, and not long after, team win totals started to come out. Below is the O/U on wins this season for each franchise. 

Lines Via Action Network

Let’s see if we can find any value in these lines.

Los Angeles Rams O8.5

This was the first line that jumped out to me as the talent that the Rams have is not that of an 8-win football team. Coming off a 2018 Super Bowl loss expectations were high for this team in 2019. They finished in disappointing fashion at 9-7. A lackluster free agency, and had no first-round pick means this team did take a step back. The loss of Cory Littleton will significantly hurt that already slim linebacker core, and the cutting of former all-pro Todd Gurley came as a shock to many around the league. With all that being said I think this team will come back with a vengeance. They start the season with a 3-game gauntlet home against Dallas and @ Philly and Buffalo. If they can start the season 1-2 or better, they will be in a great spot to hit that 9-win mark. Their next 5 games are a walk in the park, with the one exception being @SanFran. They should walk into their week 9 bye at a 5-3 mark. Their second half of the schedule isn’t easy, but it isn’t anything to scary either. I would expect them to beat the Jets and the Cards (at least once). They only will need to find 2 more wins amongst their remaining games to cover the bet. I expect this team to finish around 10-6, and be fighting for the division or a wild card spot in the NFC playoffs.

New York Jets U7

In year 3 of the Sam Darnold era the New York Jets are hoping to make a surprise playoff push. The AFC East is more up in the air then any year this century, and the Jets feel like they could make a push at the division crown. Their free agency was below average, with the most notable signing being tackle George Fant, who is truly not very good. Although this signing did help address the immense O-line need, the drafting of Mekhi Becton is the player who could actually help turn that unit around. The Jets also took Denzel Mims to give Darnold a much-needed weapon. The Jets play the 2ndtoughest schedule in the NFL. The AFC East is going to struggle against the AFC and NFC west divisions this season and the Jets will be no different. I really don’t see any easy wins for them on their schedule, and expect the team to finish last in the AFC East with a record around 5-11. I could see this team winning a couple of division games, and potentially beating the Raiders, Browns, Colts, and Cardinals, but I would be surprised if they take all of these games. Other than that, their schedule is a gauntlet filed with teams that will be fighting for playoff spots, and potential super bowl contenders.

Best of luck to all playing the win totals this NFL Season! Let’s hope this season can begin on schedule and bring us some much-needed entertainment during these slow and boring times. Follow me on ActionNetwork app @jglashow for all my official plays (once sports actually start). Stay strong and safe all you degenerates out there.

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