Weekend Recap 6/19-6/21

A Weekend Recap of All Things Boston

Bruins: The Bruins continued individual workouts at Warrior Ice Arena this weekend, with Zdeno Chara, Patrice Bergeron, and Brad Marchand among the notables. Pierre LeBrun announced that the NHL has whittled the restart cities down to six, with Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, and Vegas the current favorites. The league hopes to have a final decision on the two hub cities by the end of this week. Training camp is still scheduled to begin on July 10th.

Celtics: After tensions seemed to have died down following Kyrie Irving’s failed attempt at sabotaging the NBA restart, the heat is back on, with COVID-19 cases surging in Florida. Adam Silver said last night that he still plans on moving ahead with the bubble, but things are seemingly fluid. Players have until June 24th to notify teams of their absence in the NBA restart.

Red Sox: More of the same for the MLB. Things seemed to be headed in the right direction at the beginning of last week between the MLBPA and the owners, however the MLBPA doesn’t think playing 60 games is enough for them to drop the right to file a grievance against the league. The owners were not pleased with the counter offer of 70 games, and for some asinine, reason will not come to the table to negotiate. We should have an update in the coming days of a final decision, as Rob Manfred will likely implement a 50 game season if a deal cannot be reached. This is of course provided COVID-19 does not prevent the season from starting at all. Cases have skyrocketed in places like Florida and Arizona, and there is a real chance it could shut down any potential season.

Patriots: Very little on the Patriots front this weekend. The only notable news was that season ticket holders were reminded late last week that payments are due next month, and that they plan on playing games as scheduled. We’ll see if that actually pans out in the coming months.

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